What You Need to Consider When Relocating to Florida

Florida is known for a lot of things. It’s known for beaches, the warm sun, an eclectic culture, and oranges. Perhaps one of those things is making the state attractive to others as more people are relocating there every year. According to Cheap Orlando Movers, those thinking of making this move should consider the following things before moving to the Sunshine State.

1. Very Tourist-Friendly

Florida attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, which you will likely realize quickly after moving there. A lot of people go there during spring break for the beaches, while other people visit the state for the oranges. The following are other reasons people might plan a visit Florida:

  • Art Deco in Miami Beach
  • Disney World
  • A trip to the Keys
  • People in states like NY visit during winter to escape the chilly weather

Try to embrace this real part of Florida because the chances are that you’ll probably enjoy these things that attract others to the state.

Disney World, in Orlando, attracts over 52 millions visitors annually.

2. Total Baseball Scene

If there is one sport that is quite popular in the state, it would have to be baseball. The sport is almost a religion in Florida for some people, so those who are fans or are willing to submerge themselves in the game may find Florida quite enchanting. It won’t be hard to see major league games in Florida, and you will likely see a lot of local league players all over the state.

3. Sinkholes are Real

Yes, another thing you are going to have to keep in mind when you move to Florida is the sinkholes. The reality is that Florida’s ground is a little porous, making it quite unstable. These sinkholes can appear out of nowhere and swallow up a car. There is no way to predict one, but you should make sure your insurance covers these types of incidents for your peace of mind.

4. Down South Hurricanes

The chances are you have probably seen at least one or two hurricanes hit the people of Florida. Yes, this is one of the states that deal with hurricanes, and it is important to know that before moving to this state. No one is saying you should be scared but just be prepared. Make sure you have a hurricane safety plan that includes the following:

  • Be ready to seek shelters
  • Have emergency contacts who could help
  • Have a box of emergency supplies that you can take with you if you need to evacuate

These are just some things you need to keep in mind, but there is much more to consider.

While Florida’s beaches are breathtaking, hurricane season along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts is serious business.

5. True Tax Haven

One reason many millennials and retired people relocate to Florida is that the taxes are quite low. This zero-tax rate means retirees could hold on to more of their limited income in Florida, and that is good news for them. A lower tax bill also allows lower-income earners to achieve homeownership more easily. Try to talk to a tax specialist to make sure you take advantage of any tax perks you may get by moving to Florida.

6. It’s a Swing State

One last thing to keep in mind is that Florida is a swing state, which means your vote is much more important. It also means that you’ll likely see more political ads, and you probably are going to hear more door knocks during election season. Those who love politics are probably going to get a kick out of this; those who don’t care about this can always refuse to answer the door.

Hopefully, some of this information helps ensure that your move to Florida is much easier to make!


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