7 Clever Tips to Use When Packing Your Bedding and Linens

Boxing up your bedding and linens is one of the least stressful parts of a move. They won’t break, and you don’t have to worry about making a box too heavy to carry comfortably. There are some important details to look after when packing them, though, to make life easier before and after you get to your new home. Here are some top linen packing tips from a professional Miami, FL moving company.

1. Save Bedding and Linens for Last

Pack your bedding and linens last thing, because they tend to be in constant use right up until you leave your old house. Your family will need sheets to sleep on and linens for the bathroom. You can wash and dry your last set of sheets on the morning of your move to give yourself a break at the end of what promises to be a long and exhausting day.

2. Keep Linens Together

While it sounds convenient to use your bedding and towels for packing cushions, it can also lead to more trouble than it might be worth to you. Linens used in packing will potentially require rewashing before use, and, at the very least, you’ll have to refold them. Wrinkling aside, they’ll also be spread across a large number of boxes, forcing you to unpack everything before you have your bedding together.

3. Pack Carefully

It’s easy to throw your linens into a box and call it a day. However, as U-Pack notes, folding carefully, and making the most of the space in your boxes will save you a headache or two when it comes to unpacking. It means fewer boxes and less folding when you get where you’re going. You can move things from box to shelf in a fraction of the time you might need to spend otherwise.

4. The Scent of Home

If you tend to keep sachets with your bedding and linens, be sure to add one to each packing box. If not, consider using some fabric softener pellets of your preferred scent. Place them in a breathable bag and drop them in the boxes. It might sound frivolous, but your belongings have a particular scent. Unfortunately, so do moving boxes and trucks. It will be a comfort to the entire family immediately on that first night and for the first week or so, having a familiar smell so readily at hand.

5. Opt for Plastic

While many sources suggest simply wrapping your linens in paper, consider using something like plastic trash bags to cover your things before putting them into boxes. This preventative measure helps to keep your bedding and linens clean as well as safe from any potential insects that your boxes might encounter along the way. If you use large vacuum bags around your household, those work to save space, too.

6. Packing Pillows

It’s tempting to squash your pillows in with the sheets, but you should resist. Pack your pillows separately. Place them in bags and press them into boxes of their own, trying not to crush them completely flat. Pillows bounce back pretty easily, but it’s a lot easier to be able to pull them out of the packing and throw them onto the bed than have to send them through the dryer for a fluff on that first night.

7. Label Carefully

Labeling will enable you to grab what you need for that first bath and bedtime in your new place. Instead of having to unpack everything right away to find your bedding and towels, you’ll have it all right at hand for each bedroom. Don’t give in to the temptation of forcing yourself to unpack more by not labeling. It sounds like a clever idea, but you’ll hate yourself when there are still a dozen boxes left, and not everyone has sheets on their beds.

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