Six Brilliant Ideas When Organizing and Packing Your Things into a Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage containers can be extremely convenient for anyone who wants to do the work of packing and moving on their own. Since these can be dropped off right in your driveway, you can take your time packing and load at your convenience. However, it’s important that loading is done properly to secure all your belongings inside. This can be made a little bit easier by using the tips and ideas below.

1. Label Boxes by Color

Writing the name of the room that boxes go in is a great way to get started. However, things can still get jumbled as you pack and unpack. Make things easier on yourself by purchasing different colors of duct tape for each of the rooms that you’re packing. By color-coordinating rooms with tape, you’ll be able to easily see where things need to go when you are loading up your storage container. This will also make unpacking once your items arrive that much easier.

2. Organize as You Load

If you’re not constantly aware of organization inside of your unit, it’s easy to pack in a way that causes everything to fall once it’s moved. To avoid this, try to analyze the best way to organize the interior as you bring in boxes and furniture. A good rule of thumb is to load heavy items on the bottom and lightweight items on the top. Try to place odd-shaped into larger items, such as dresser drawers or coffee tables, so that they don’t break. Mattresses should also go on the sides of the unit, so they are less likely to topple over.

3. Pad the Empty Space

Save your couch cushions, large pillows, and even linens for last so they can act as padding in empty spaces once the unit is completely full. While this may cause them to get dirty, you’ll be able to wash them once you arrive at your destination. What’s even better is that this can mean not having to buy expensive moving blankets.

4. Don’t Leave Loose Items

Although it can be tempting not to pack loose items because they are so small, it’s important to keep them contained inside of boxes. This goes for heavy items as well, as these can easily cause damage once the storage unit is moved around. Play it safe and put everything into boxes with tape reinforced on the bottom and top.

5. Tie Down Furniture

Take the time to tie down your furniture as soon as it’s placed inside of the storage pod. This will add to the security of these large items, so they are less likely to shift as the unit is moved. If you have helpers, dedicate one person to doing this so you can focus on loading without having to take on more tasks.

6. Take Apart Furniture as Necessary

If you have furniture that can be taken apart, it’s better to do this than take it as is. Disassembly will make them less likely to break so you can arrive with all your things ready to be put back together. If you can’t disassemble anything, then try tying moving blankets and tape around edges and legs to prevent damage.

Making Your Pod Experience Easy

Packing a moving pod can seem like a big task when you see all of the things you have to fit inside. However, if you label appropriately and think of organization like a puzzle, you’ll be able to master it.


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